1st Juneteenth Celebration in Trenton with our tee-shirts from the NJEA Pride Grant and the Books we gave away to the community
Nancy Greener represents MCEA Pride with the food we donated to one of the 10 local food pantries during the past two years of this pandemic.
Shirley Hicks was present for the donations when they arrived at one of the 10 local food pantries that received our donations these past two years during the pandemic.
MCEA Recording Secretary, Sandee Herrington from HTEA helped get these and more of the donated groceries to this food pantry during the pandemic, courtesy of our Pride Grant from NJEA.
RISE in Hightstown gave us their contact for fresh produce, and WOW!!!! our Pride dollars were well spent!
More of those fresh veggies we sent to RISE, thanks to our NJEA Pride grant! We sure helped full some tummies and get those school kids ready to learn!
Our super Pride Chair, Debbie Baer, who also volunteers at RISE, made sure they like all of our community food banks received their MCEA/NJEA grocery bags!!
Another great grant was Sneakers for the Hospital Emergency Room. There are people who come to the ER without shoes. We donated to the hospital 80 pairs of varying sizes of new sneakers for the hospital to give to these needy folks. Word came back about how thrilled they were to get a pair of shoes, but a NEW pair of shoes!! Mending hearts in the community, MCEA style!
Pride member Linda McRae was one of our many volunteers who helped get the fantastic collection of books we were able to purchase to donate to the hospitals to give to the young patients to keep to celebrate School Librarians Day.
The Delta Sorority sponors a HS STEM program and we were able to co-sponsor and provide meals, and materials for two of the session days of their lessons. Pictured here are some of the adults of the Deltas, as the students cannot be photographed. The bags contain each students materials for the day.
The front of the second year Juneteenth/Social Justice Contest grant tee-shirt winner.
MCEA received a grant to provide these instruments to the Trenton Children’s Chior. They will be used during their practices and concerts.
MCEA president Grace Rarich, MCREA members Iris Tonti and Johanna Capasso and future member, were featured in an NJEA tweet.
The 1913 Paterson Silk Strike: The Children's Story
MCEA has received copies of this book, The 1913 Paterson Silk Strike The Children’s Story to donate to every 4th grade classroom in the county and each elementary school library.
MCEA LAT members are always on the go and active. Shown here with our Governor Phil Murphy.
MCEA LAT members, Iris Tonti and Debbie Baer back from a day of canvassing.
Somerset president Dan Epstein joined Mercer president Grace Rarich and the Mercer LAT members, Lisa Rizziello, Ephrain Monterosso, Iris Tonti, Debbie Baer and Assemblyman Dan Benson (center).