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2021-2022 Workshop Offerings

MCEA members are invited to any and all workshops and events. 

Sign up: https://learning.njea.org/organizer/mercerco/  

Questions: Call 609-882-9228 or email: mercercountyea@gmail.com


September 2021

9/29 The SEL Mindfulness Connection (Virtual via Zoom) https://learning.njea.org/event/the-sel-mindfulness-connection/

Social and Emotional Learning extends beyond classroom practice. Take a journey to heighten your emotional intelligence while gathering mindfulness strategies to enhance your social interactions. We will discover how our thoughts and emotions are integral components of self-awareness.

October 2021

10/13 Parent Conferences (Virtual via Zoom) https://learning.njea.org/event/parent-conferences/

Conferences are essential to establishing relationships with parents and exploring ways to best support all students with whom we work. Effective parent conferences allow educators to build collaborative partnerships between the home and school. This workshop provides school staff with the skills and reflective practices needed to make conferences positive and productive by enhancing effective communication with families.

November 2021

11/10 XYZ's of Retirement (Virtual via Zoom) https://learning.njea.org/event/xyzs-of-retirement/

NJEA and the New Jersey Division of Pensions and Benefits (NJDPB) both provide many resources to help members with their retirement planning. You will find these resources on the NJEA website that connect you to webinars and other online resources from both NJEA and the NJDPB.

NJEA’s popular workshop, The XYZs of Retirement, enables members to explore the general aspects of retirement.

December 2021

12/8 Collaborative Communication (Virtual via Zoom) https://learning.njea.org/event/collaborative-communication-for-esp-members/

This session will engage support professionals in a process that allows them to explore challenges that they face in their work and then work collaboratively to resolve them. The goal of this session is to help members address professional challenges through productive conversational practices and collaboratively build a more effective and resilient school community.